School closed due to rising pollution in Delhi

School closed due to rising pollution in Delhi!

In Delhi, on Tuesday morning, the people of Delhi had recorded more than normal levels of pollution in the eyes of polluted pollution. After this, Delhi Government Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who was the Chief Minister of Delhi, after seeing the situation deteriorating due to the pollution. Kindly advised the children and the parents that they did not come out and all the schools of small children were discharged /

The Deputy Chief Minister instructed the parents to specifically protect the children from this pollution for the children, they made necessary announcements. Explain that with the combination of moisture and pollutant elements, the evening started from evening on the thick layer of mist on the city and air quality and visibility began to fall rapidly.

The Central Pollution Control Board posted the status of air quality ‘very serious’ till 10 o’clock on Tuesday morning, which means pollution has increased a lot / But all the traders were opposed to the manner in which the Patco was banned on Diwali. Now if they were asked about this, were you waiting for this day for your children /

Report of Amit Singh Negi for Idea for News from Delhi / Dehradun /

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