BJP’s absurd statement of UP minister

BJP’s absurd statement of UP minister.

  In the controversy over the picture of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan’s founding in Aligarh Muslim University, in the controversy itself, there are two groups in BJP itself. While BJP MPs have opposed the formation of Telangana, a UP minister has come in support of Jinnah. Not only this, the Yogi’s minister has even said that the birth of the nation has been a major contributor to the creation of the nation.
Let me tell that Aligarh MP Satish Kumar Gautam had written a letter to the University administration raising questions on the picture of Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah in AMU’s Student Union Building. In this letter, he questioned why Jinnah’s photograph has taken place in the university. MP Satish Kumar Gautam said that what is the compulsion that Jinnah had to be photographed in the university. He said that Jinnah had a very important role in the partition of the country.
Report of Amit Singh Negi for Idea for News from Lucknow / Uttarakhand /

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