Hadiya jihad or love – judge! 

Hadiya jihad or love – judge! 

The young woman of Kerala, who was married to a Muslim, was asked to testify to the allegations of her family in the Supreme Court that the person who was involved in the terrorists abducted him and pressurized him to confess Islam.

25-year-old, having a scarf on a black head, to wait for about two hours to speak, because the debate was going on mainly because his marriage was legal and whether the hearing should be in the camera

In the jihad case, the flight flew to Kochi on Saturday for heavy security on Saturday. Judge wants to hear from Hadiya whether she had married Shafin Jahan a year ago by her free will /

Prior to flying from Delhi, Hadiya screamed reporters at the airport of Kochi and said I have not been forcefully changed … my Shafin has not been forced to marry Jahan. I married him in my desire and I want to stay with my husband.


Report of Amit Singh Negi for Idea for News from Delhi / Dehradun /

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