Mussoorie celebrates New Year by a clean up drive at Company Garden*

Mussoorie celebrates New Year by a clean up drive at Company Garden*


Volunteers of the team ‘I Am Mussoorie’ got together to spend the New Year’s Eve in a unique manner.Led by Neha Joshi, BJP Youth leader and a social activist, more than 50 volunteers decided to clean an unauthorised dump yard near Company Garden. It was observed that local businesses as well as tourists were throwing garbage at the site which had not been cleaned and was quite an eyesore near a popular tourist destination. This Cleanup drive saw participation from groups such as Kyarkuli boys, ABVP volunteers, Hilldaari team, Mohan Petwal, Kushal Rana, Badal Prakash, Sapna Sharma Sumit Bhandari and many other eminent citizens of Mussoorie. 200 kg of Garbage was cleaned and collected. The garbage was then handed over to ‘Keen’, The organisation responsible for waste collection in Mussoorie. The Volunteers also spoke to the shopkeepers and restaurant owners in Company Garden and urged them to dispose the garbage generated in a responsible manner. The team also requested keen and Nagar Palika parishad Mussoorie to ensure timely collection of garbage from this area to ensure That the surroundings remain clean.

Neha Joshi the convener of the program said that the youngsters of Mussoorie had shown people a unique way of celebrating New Year. This was going to set a new precedent and will motivate others to follow suit.

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