Many pauses in the film Padmavati release!

Many pauses in the film Padmavati release!

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s great workmanship is close to his release, even after obstacles and protest demonstrations. At the level of its production, set and elaborate arts establishments were ruined, which is a Rajput group /

Rajasthan Royalty has also written a letter to the Prime Minister on the basis that the film is genuinely wrong, it is necessary to confirm it after showing that /

before the State Department of Uttar Pradesh give certificate,  necessary to reconsider the views and feelings of the people /

The Ministry of I & B urged the civil elections organized in this era. Yogi government is already delicate in the state, does not want to put undue pressure on law and orde

 Report of Amit Singh Negi for Idea for News from Delhi / Dehradun /

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