CSIR-CIMAP working on the cannabis research with Industry


CSIR-CIMAP working on the cannabis research with Industry


Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CSIR-CIMAP) is working on joint research project funded by M/s Asheesh Concentrates International LLP (ACI) to explore the THC, CBD and cannabinoid terpene rich strains/genotypes of indigenous Indian cannabis strains at CSIR-CIMAP.
In ancient India’s religious and mythological history, Cannabis has been used for millennia as a revered and powerful medicine in the Ayurvedic, Siddhi and Unani Schools of Holistic Healing. It is also well documented internationally that all the basic genetic material of all the strains of cannabis originated from the subcontinent.

After the review of the one-year progress, Dr Prabodh Kumar Trivedi, Director, CSIR – CIMAP said that this joint research with Industry will give an opportunity to the country to reintroduce cannabis for welfare of the mankind. He further said that in the first year of the project, a team of 15 scientists led by Dr Birendra Kumar, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR – CIMAP has been able to to perform a detailed study on the morpho-anatomical, chemical and yield attributing trait characterization of the strains collected for THC, CBD, cannabinoid terpene and THC-a.

In the coming year, the project aims to reach the test phase to prove the efficacy of Cannabis extracts as a natural alternative to many synthetic and chemical drugs which cause several serious side effects as told by Dr Birenda Kumar, Principal Investigator of the project. He also told that, in the last few months, many strains have been identified with varying levels of THC, CBD, THC-a and cannabinoid terpene that will be invaluable to the International Medicinal Cannabis Industry.

The project has been funded by M/s Asheesh Concentrates International LLP (ACI) led by Mr Harshvadan Amersey and Amey Nargolare, who have vast experience of working with international cannabis manufacturers and extractors. A cannabis medicinal industry would benefit India by providing employment opportunities to farmers, educated youth and entrepreneurs by establishing indigenous “Make in India” industry.

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