China signed deal with Nepal its planed

China signed deal with Nepal its planed!

Attempting to become the biggest force in Asia, China is being implicated in neighboring countries, especially the countries around India, by putting one foot in the countries which are compatible with India. Now after Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Myanmar, he has taken a big step to woo Nepal, has opened its four ports to Nepal. Under a major development, China and Nepal will now be able to use Chinese ports for Nepal trade as part of an important agreement between Kathmandu.
Significantly, Nepal does most of its business till now. But before the 2016 when the Madhesi movement was going on in Nepal, the relations between the two countries worsened at that time. After this, Nepal’s Prime Minister OP Koli put forward his relationship with Beijing in 2016. On Friday, China allowed Nepal to use its four ports and three land ports. This will reduce the dependence of Nepal on India’s dependence on land for international commerce.
It is very important that the agreement …
The agreement between the two countries is believed to be very significant. Nepal will now be able to use China’s ShenZhen, Lianyugang, Jiangxi and Tianjin port. Tianjin Port is the closest port from Nepal’s border, which is about 3,000 km away. Similarly, China also allowed Nepal to use Lanzhou, Lhasa and Sheigat’s Land Port (dry ports)
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