Pakistan says no support for Azad Kashmir. 

Pakistan says no support for Azad Kashmir. 

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahid Khakon Abbasi on Independent Kashmir rejected his view and said that there is no support for this demand, it is not based on ‘reality.  Abbasi was addressing a conference on ‘The future of Pakistan 2017’ held at the South Asia Center of the London School of Economics / He said that he has answered many questions on subjects like Afghanistan, military-civil relations, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, disqualified from the post, relations with India and Kashmir issue  
According to a reporter, in response to a question on ‘independent Kashmir’, Abbasi said, ‘This idea often comes but there is no truth in it and he said,’ There is no support for the demand of independent Kashmir and the relationship with India only Can improve when the issue of Kashmir is resolved /  

The Prime Minister said that the positive aspect of Pakistan’s economy was put and claimed that since the year 2013, the economy has improved every sector /

Report of Amit Singh Negi for Idea for News from Delhi/Dehradun /

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